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I'm scared

This is pretty much me trying to sleep

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Supper fun mechanics. :D

Fun game! The graphics are cool too. :D

Pretty nice and fun game. I like the graphics. They remind me Baldi's Basics a little which definitely suits this kind of game well. The soundtrack works really well and ties in with the atmosphere.

Overall the controls are solid. It's a little weird that you can't use the up arrow to jump and instead you have to use the spacebar. This confused me a little and I thought I expected to be able to use WASD to move around. It doesn't really matter anyway. Other than that the other controls like E to open things was very intuitive. The wall jumping mechanic is pretty cool and I like how you can just use the arrow keys instead of the spacebar and arrow keys to pull it off.

It is slightly disorientating when the player goes out of the screen. Like in level 2. This doesn't effect the gameplay to much and if used well could actually add some cool features. Other than that the levels are pretty fun to play.

I'll give it a solid 4.5/5 Nice work. :D

AtreyuGilbert responds:

every time i hear baldi i fucking lose it
but thanks i guess

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You managed to convey feelings calm yet unsettling feelings. Keep it up! :D

I store planets in jars. I could handle the sun any day. Wack and I love it

Woahhh. I have missed some stuff. When did your stuff become this good? This really sent me to a whole 'nother world. The jazzy aspects world perfectly with the percussion, the strings. Incredible :D

LordAndiso responds:

thanks :D all I did was spend day and night making music lmao... tbh I have no idea how I don't burn out a lot.

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Why does he remind me of David Bowie? Awesome art! :D

Bro's going through it

So cute!

Jeyrolami responds:

Thank you!

"Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star."
I make music and draw sometimes.

I will be creating things until the day I die.

You can use my music in GD. I am whitelisted!

Henrhi @ssymboint

A pretty cool place.

Somewhere under the sky

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